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Great Tools For Small Business: Trello

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Following on from my post about HubSpot, the second instalment in my list of great online tools for small business is all about Trello. Perfect for creative industries (but suitable for any business), Trello is an online platform which helps you manage your projects, tasks, to-do lists and deadlines. Trello is free to use, but has a paid option.

What does Trello do?

Trello makes it easy for you to manage your projects, tasks and jobs. Whether you’re an artist, blogger, contractor or photographer, Trello enables you to keep all your notes, images and files all in one place.

Using boards, lists, and cards, you can present your information in a visual and easy-to-use way, so you don’t have to keep checking back through your notebook and emails to find the details you’re after. What’s more, you can add images, files, and links to your lists, which is perfect for if you’re compiling some inspiration and ideas.

Trello allows you to add other members to your board, which is perfect for sharing project information with staff for easy collaboration, or even using it as a way for your customers to add any notes/images to the project when inspiration strikes.

How can I use Trello for my business?

Depending on your business industry, there’s many different ways you can utilise Trello. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Share notes from business meetings, emails or phone calls with your team
  • Create lists for each of your current jobs/projects and use it to keep track of notes, deadlines, related documents and inspiration
  • Make it easier for you to collaborate on projects with your customers or team by adding them to your Trello boards
  • Create lists for blog post ideas and inspiration to help with your online business blog
  • Use it as a knowledge base for all of your tutorials, tips or employee handbooks
  • Keep track of customer service tickets

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