Website Horrors: 5 Ways Your Website Might Be Scaring People Away

Did you know that your website could be scaring customers away? From the spine-chilling absence of SSL certificates to the mobile monsters and load time terrors – choose a web designer that’s more treat than trick this Halloween.

Spooky SSL Specter

Is your website haunted by the absence of an SSL certificate? Don’t let it be a ghost town! Secure your digital crypt with SSL to keep ghoulish hackers at bay!

All CRJ Design Hosting Plans come with a FREE SSL Certificate – keeping your site secure and trustworthy.

Mobile Menace

Don’t let your website be stuck in the cobwebs of the desktop era! Embrace responsiveness and let your website shine its light on every screen.

CRJ Design Websites are responsive and mobile-friendly, built to look great on any device.

Load Time Lurkers

Is your website creeping along like the living dead? Don’t let slow loading times spook your audience away. Cast away the curse of slow load times and keep your audience captivated.

Robust Speed and Image Optimisations are carried out on all CRJ Design Websites to ensure a fast load time for your visitors. In addition, our Green Web Hosting uses superfast SSD servers and utilises a suite of optimisation tools.

Design Dread

Is your site a graveyard of aesthetic nightmares? Let modern design breathe new life into your digital presence. Don’t let visitors be scared away by the ghosts of web design past.

CRJ Design specialises in modern, eye-catching Website Design which suits your business style and needs.


Is your website howling in the vast expanse of the internet, unheard and unseen? Light up the digital night with improved SEO and help your customers find you.

All CRJ Design Websites include SEO best practices and submission to Google Search Console to help you get found in Search Engines.

Don't Let Your Website Become a Haunted House of Horrors!

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