Online Food Ordering Systems for Restaurants, Cafés & Takeaways

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The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, and with eating-in no longer permitted during the current lockdown, restaurants are struggling. Many have had to adapt to the new restrictions, switching from eat-in, to delivery and takeaway, to continue making sales. This illustrates the remarkable resilience of the restaurant industry, but they are still faced with challenges. As a restaurant owner, do any of the following situations sound familiar?

If any of the above statements resonate with you, your business is guaranteed to benefit from our online food ordering system.

A cost-effective online food ordering solution

To help restaurants adapt to the new restrictions, we’ve created an online food ordering system which is sure to improve productivity and relieve many of the stresses they face. Here are some of the benefits:

Fully Automated

Get orders processed quicker and allow your staff to spend more time preparing food and other duties

Take Payment Upfront

Minimise your handling of cash and enable customers to pay online with their card for peace of mind

Works 24/7

Avoid an influx of orders when you first open by taking pre-orders online throughout the day

Time Slots

Customers pick their collection or delivery time, and you decide how many orders you can handle per time slot

Repeat Customers

Customers are able to create an account for easy re-ordering, and to save their details for quicker checkout

Special Offers

Create discounts and special offers easily using coupon codes, which the customers use during checkout

Created by Baboon designsfrom the Noun Project

Menu Accuracy

Avoid inaccuracies and disappointment by keeping your menu up-to-date with current pricing and availability

Analytics & Reports

See your income, popular items, popular ordering times, and more invaluable statistics for your business

How does it work?

1. Website Build

We build you a stunning, bespoke website for your restaurant or takeaway which matches your branding and personality (unless you already have one).

2. Menu & Ordering Setup

We integrate the online ordering system into the website, adding your menu (with optional photos as shown), prices, delivery information and more.

3. App or Printer Setup

Orders can either be sent to your mobile device via a free app, or you can purchase a thermal printer which will print orders for you. Alternatively, we may be able to connect the website to an existing POS system.

What will it cost?

If you already have a WordPress website for your restaurant, we can implement the online ordering system into it for an affordable flat rate. If you need a website too, we will build this for you with the online ordering system attached.

Online Food Ordering System + Website£650 £600
Online Food Ordering System Only
(added to existing WordPress website)


If you decide to host your online ordering website with us, you can expect to pay a small annual fee. You also have the option of purchasing a thermal printer which will connect to your website via the internet and print any orders out for you. Alternatively, we may be able to connect your website to an existing POS system (POA).

Web Hosting£44 /year
Connected Thermal Printer£200


Should you choose to take card payments online, you will pay a small fee per transaction. The fee depends on which payment processing company you choose, but we recommend Stripe.

Stripe (recommended)1.4% + 20p
PayPal2.9% + 30p

The rise of online food ordering during COVID-19

Back in March, predicted that online food delivery businesses would be one of the only industries to stand to gain during the pandemic, and they weren’t wrong. In October, shares in Just Eat had soared to a record high, as they saw a 46% increase in orders.

You may be wondering if you should put your restaurant on Just Eat instead. Sure – if you want to spend £295 + VAT just to join, and then lose a whopping 14% (+ VAT) of every order on commission. What’s more, delivery apps such as Just Eat, Uber Eats & Deliveroo are very competitive. You may be one of many local takeaways offering the same cuisine, so unless you cut your prices to beat the competition, you may not even benefit from the service at all.

Having your own independent online food ordering system takes you away from the competition, and means you get to keep more of your profits.