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All clients are required to agree to our Terms & Conditions before any work is undertaken by CRJ Design. Agreement may be in writing, however the commencing of a new project with CRJ Design will be deemed as agreement of these Terms & Conditions.


All quotations are based on information provided by the client and remain valid for two (2) months from date of issue. Subsequent additions/alterations, requested prior to work commencing, will result in a revised quotation being issued, which supersedes the original. The revised quotation will again be valid for two (2) months from date of issue. Any additions/alterations requested once the work has commenced will be itemised on the final invoice and billed accordingly.

Quotations for Original Design Work (Logo, Print & Web Design) are subject to the below condition:

  1. The quotation includes 3 initial designs & 5 revisions only, unless otherwise agreed beforehand by CRJ Design and clearly stated on the quotation. Any further revisions requested to the design work once the work has commenced will be subject to additional charges.


(1) Our payment terms are strictly fourteen (14) days from the date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

(2) All projects in excess of £100.00 are subject to a 50% non-refundable deposit, payable in advance. In rare cases where a 50% deposit is not asked for upfront, the client agrees to pay the full cost of services at project completion. 

(3) All services rendered in-house by CRJ Design, including but not limited to social media, blog and website management, collating reports, SEO, and email marketing, are subject to full payment in advance.

(4) Any services provided by CRJ Design which require out-sourcing to a third-party, including but not limited to printing services and product manufacturing, are subject to advance payment in full.


Original Design Work Projects (Logo, Print & Web Design)

Subject to section(s) 1 and 2 of our above Payment Terms.

Following acceptance of our quotation, an invoice will be issued stating the deposit amount and Estimated Project Completion Date (*1). Work will only begin once the deposit has been received. The final invoice for the remaining balance, including any additions/alterations made by the client after the work has commenced, will be issued upon completion of the work. The completed project will only be delivered/uploaded once the final invoice has been paid in full.

(*1) Estimated Project Completion Date is based on the assumption that the client will respond in a timely manner to requests from CRJ Design for the required content/information/approval to complete the project. CRJ Design accepts no responsibility for incomplete projects under the below circumstances and full charges will apply:
Should the client not respond to requests from CRJ Design to supply final content/information/approval for the project/website, CRJ Design will be unable to complete the project. CRJ Design will endeavour to acquire the outstanding content/information/approval from the client for a period of 28 days after the Estimated Project Completion Date. If the project remains incomplete after this time, solely due to the client not supplying the required content/information/approval to enable CRJ Design to finalise the project, CRJ Design reserves the right to issue the final invoice for full settlement. Once full and final payment has been received, CRJ Design will deliver/upload the incomplete project/website.

Social Media/Blog/Website Management & Ongoing Marketing Services

Subject to section(s) 1 and 3 of our above Payment Terms, billed monthly, quarterly or annually as requested by the client.

Paid Advertising Management

Subject to section(s) 1 and 3 of our above Payment Terms, billed monthly, quarterly or annually as requested by the client and excludes the actual Advertising Fees, which are payable by the client direct to the advertiser. 


Subject to section(s) 1 and 3 of our above Payment Terms.

Email Marketing

Subject to section(s) 1 and 3 of our above Payment Terms, billed monthly, quarterly or annually as requested by the client.

The client accepts full responsibility for ensuring all mailing lists are GDPR compliant and agrees to notify CRJ Design immediately if any non-compliance issues arise. CRJ Design will not send marketing emails to recipients who have not opted in and may request evidence from the client prior to rendering this service.


Subject to section(s) 1 and 3 of our above Payment Terms. The client accepts that improved SEO performance does not guarantee a high search result ranking.  CRJ Design will use all available measures to increase your SEO ranking but, ultimately, your rating is somewhat dependent on a number of factors and variables outside of CRJ Design’s control.


 In rare instances, CRJ Design may, at their own discretion, issue a full refund of a project. In doing so, the customer relinquishes their right to use the work in any way, and the copyright returns to CRJ Design. 


Any invoices which remain unpaid after fourteen (14) days from the date of issue will incur a 10% Late Payment Fee.

We reserve the right to seek legal action if an invoice remains unpaid after 30 days from the date of issue.


If the client requests that we source additional content such as stock images and fonts, this should be stated at the beginning of the project. It is the client’s responsibility to fund this content, either by purchasing the item(s) themselves and sending them to us to use in the project, or by paying CRJ Design in advance to purchase the item(s) on their behalf. We will not purchase stock images, fonts, or other content before we have received full costs in advance. We will always notify you of the cost of any additional content before committing you to purchase them. We can attempt to source free or open source images and fonts at the client’s request.


Web hosting and domain name costs are not included in our web design prices. It is the customer’s responsibly to set up and pay for appropriate web hosting facilities. We accept no responsibility for slow, insecure, or unreliable websites caused by the use of a sub-standard web host. The client must provide us with both:

  • Accurate FTP details so that we can upload the website
  • Accurate log-in details to the web hosting account so that we can create a SQL database for the website

Additional information such as the storage quota for the web hosting account and whether or not the host supports certain codes (eg. PHP Script) will also be beneficial to us and should be provided where possible.


This section only applies to projects involving website design. We make every attempt possible to abide by all laws regarding websites and will always try to include appropriate legal information where necessary such as a privacy policy and Terms and Conditions, and abiding by W3C standards. We do everything in our power to adhere to web standards and make websites accessible to everyone. It is, however, the client’s responsibility to provide us with accurate legal information (eg. a privacy statement) where it is required and to ensure that all legal information is included. We reserve the right to refuse delivery of work where the client has not provided information that is required to make the site legal.


This section only applies to projects involving print design. We do not print in-house, but we can direct the client to appropriate third-party printing companies. Once the finished project is approved by the client, this is confirmation that all appropriate spelling, grammar and accuracy checks have been carried out. We recommend that, where possible, the client requests printed proofs from the printing company to check for accuracy and print quality. Should it be required at this point we can attempt to make alterations to the design to make the printed output more accurate. We do not accept responsibility for any problems with the final printed piece(s) as this is between the client and the printing company. If the client requests that we arrange the printing on their behalf, the client must either arrange payment direct to the printing company beforehand, or pay CRJ Design the cost of the printing in advance. We will not arrange to print items for the client until payment has been received in full by either the third-party printing company or ourselves.


We may leave a small design credit for CRJ Design on any finished work, unless otherwise specified by the client.


The client retains the Copyright to any content that they provide us with, but grant us permission to use and publish it as part of the project. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain appropriate Copyright permissions and usage rights to any third-party content including images and fonts. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the client has guaranteed that they have obtained proper permissions for the content (which we may request evidence for), and also agree to hold CRJ Design harmless in any claims resulting from the client’s negligence or inability to obtain proper permissions.

The Copyright for any original design work remains with CRJ Design until payment has been received in full, whereby the rights to the design are then transferred to the client. The client may not use the design work in any way until payment has been recieved in full. Any screenshots or images sent to the client showing the project’s progress may be watermarked.


We reserve the right to use the client in our portfolio for a minimum of three (3) years. Links to the client’s website/social media page will be included in the portfolio. Should the client wish to remove themselves fully, or in part, from our portfolio after this time, please contact us.


Should the client wish to terminate any services carried out by CRJ Design, the client must notify CRJ Design in writing or via email. Verbal requests to terminate services will not be honoured until written notice is received and confirmed by CRJ Design.

(1) Original Design Work Projects may be terminated at any time prior to the Estimated Project Completion Date without further charge (see the ‘Original Design Work Projects’ section of our Payment Terms for details). The deposit is non-refundable. The client cannot terminate any projects after the Estimated Project Completion Date without incurring full charges. In rare instances where a 50% deposit has not been required, the client agrees to cover any work already undertaken by CRJ Design by paying a 50% fee upon termination.

(2) Monthly Management Plans, including but not limited to Blog/Website/Social Media Management, Paid Advertising and Ongoing Marketing, require seven (7) days’ Notice to Terminate Services. Where advance payment is made quarterly or annually, refunds will only be issued for any full months remaining on the Contract. No refund will be issued for Monthly advance payments. For this reason, we suggest terminating any Monthly Plans with CRJ Design within seven (7) days of the next invoice date.

(3) CRJ Design reserves the right to terminate any services to the client without explanation at any time. Termination of services will be accompanied by written (e-mail) notice and, in some instances, delivery of any work already completed or near-completion. This is the only instance in which the deposit will be refunded. 

These terms and conditions were updated on 23/09/2018.