Scuba Logo Ideas Design CRJ Design Newquay

Sarah, a Travel Blogger, Dive Master and English Teacher, contacted us requesting a logo for Girls That Scuba, the largest online community of scuba diving women (founded by her).

The logo is used across her hugely popular Facebook &Instagram pages as well as on her blog, which shares photos and updates on the latest scuba diving news.

Branded Merchandise

he Girls That Scuba logo has since been incorporated into a range of merchandise including t-shirts, sew on badges, hats, mask strap covers and stickers.

The logo is being worn with pride by keen scuba diving women all over the World.

Scuba Logo Ideas Design CRJ Design Newquay

In June 2017, the Girls That Scuba logo was featured in a video by PADI which was viewed more than 48,000 times! View it here

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