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Migrating to CRJ Design Hosting

This is an overview for anyone who would like to move their hosting, emails and/or domains to CRJ Design.

When you migrate to us, we’ll transfer everything over for you, for free!

1. Domain Transfer (for .uk domains)

.UK domains include .co.uk, .uk & .org.uk

1A. IPS Retag

Once you’ve ordered your web hosting from us and we’ve confirmed set up, we’ll send you an email asking you to contact your current domain registrar to update the IPS TAG for your domain. Your current registrar is contractually obliged to retag the domain in a ‘reasonable’ time, though they may charge you for the ‘privilege’.

It costs £0 to RETAG a domain name; if your current registrar is going to charge you to leave then we’d recommend that you just go straight to the .uk registry, Nominet (www.nic.uk) and pay them £10 + VAT directly. They will action it immediately and it discourages the practice of registrars charging customers to leave.

2. Domain Transfer (for generic domains)

Generic domains include .com, .org, .net and .info

2A. Pre-Transfer Checklist

  • Ensure you have access to the admin email address listed at the registry for your domain. If you do not, contact your current registrar and have it updated to one you can access.
  • Obtain the EPP/Auth transfer key from your current registrar.
  • Unlock the domain at the current registrar.
  • Make sure your domain name has not expired. It is advisable to initiate your transfer at least 7 days prior to expiry date, so there will be enough time to complete the process.

2B. Place your order with CRJ Design

  • 2 emails will be sent to the admin contact email address for the domain.
  • The first email should arrive within 8 hours requesting confirmation to MOVE IN. Please follow the instructions and agree.
  • Following this email you may receive another email from your current Registrar requesting confirmation to MOVE OUT, please also accept this.
  • It can take up to 5 days for the losing registrar to make the change. You will be emailed when it’s been succesfully transferred. 

3. Hosting Transfer

3A. cPanel login

In order for us to move your website files and emails to us, we’ll need the login information for your current hosting’s cPanel. If you’re unsure, you should be able to find it in your account. Alternatively, you may provide the login details for your account with your current hosting provider.

4. Email Transfer

4A. Backup your emails

Before we transfer your email accounts to your new hosting, we will send you an email recommending you to make a backup of your emails. Using your email client, create local copies of all mail on the old server. This is usually achieved by dragging and dropping folders from the old mail server to your local folders within your mail application. Here’s a guide on how to backup your emails from Microsoft Outlook.

4B. Update your mailbox settings

You may need to update your mailbox settings after the transfer is complete. If you’re using a mail client to manage your emails, such as Microsoft Outlook, or if you have linked your emails to another provider eg. Hotmail or Gmail, then you may need to update the credentials for your account.