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Why Website Backups are so Important

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We should all be familiar with how important it is to keep our data backed up. In this digital age, information can become lost or corrupted, and in most cases this makes it irretrievable. As with any other data, the files and databases that make up your website can also become lost or corrupted, rendering your website useless. By taking regular backups, you ensure that your website can always be restored if anything goes wrong.

All websites designed by CRJ Design will now include FREE weekly backups for peace of mind.

Why are backups necessary?

Backups protect you from losing your website or any important information on it in the event that something goes wrong. This could include:

Human Error

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes these mistakes are irreversible. If you accidentally delete a file or important content, there’s often no way to get it back without a backup.

Problems During Updates

The software that runs your website needs to be updated regularly to ensure the site runs smoothly and securely. However, sometimes updates can cause errors or site downtime, usually due to compatibility issues or a bug with the update. 

Malware & Hackers

If a hacker or virus manages to get into your website, they can cause significant damage, and removing the threat isn’t always straight-forward. In fact, companies charge around £150 to clean up your website for you if it’s been hacked. This can be avoided simply by restoring your site to an older, virus-free version and taking steps to prevent another attack (such as installing security software and keeping your plugins up to date). 

PS. All of our websites include enhanced security to prevent attacks in the first place.

Hosting Issues

Though uncommon, it’s possible for your web host to run into problems which could cause your website to become corrupted or result in the loss of data. A good web host will keep automatic backups of your website in the event of an issue like this, but not all hosts do this. In fact, let me tell you a true story…

A Real-Life Example

Earlier this month, we went to check on one of our client’s website only to be greeted with an error message: “Database Error”. The entire website was unavailable. We logged into the web hosting control panel only to discover that the hosting server where the website’s database was stored was unavailable. We couldn’t even access the database to retrieve any information on it. The web host didn’t keep backups, and neither did the client (at the time). The entire website had to be re-built from scratch as a result, with all the data from the previous website lost for good.

How do I create backups of my website?

First, check your web hosting. They may include automatic backups as part of their service, or have the provision for you to manually download a backup of your site via your control panel. Creating your backup via your web hosting allows you to backup everything, including emails and settings, rather than just the website itself.

If your website is built using WordPress, another option is to use a backup plugin such as Updraft Plus to create automatic or manual backups of your website right from your WordPress dashboard. You can choose to save these backups to your hosting server, or in cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google drive. It’s advisable that you store your backups off-site (eg. in cloud storage) so that it can be accessed even in the event of a hosting problem.

How do I restore a backup?

Simply go to your backup area (either in your hosting or your WordPress dashboard, depending on how your backups are taken) and click ‘Restore’ next to the version you wish to restore. Simple!

If you can’t access your WordPress dashboard because of a site error, get in touch with your web host or designer who can help restore the website for you.

Get peace of mind when you have your website built by us. We include free automatic lifetime backups of your website, which are taken weekly. These backups are stored off-site, so they don’t contribute towards your storage space and can be retrieved even if there’s a problem with your web hosting server. We also include enhanced site security and automatic updates, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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