Should You Be Blogging?

Blog Blogging

If you’re a website owner, you might have noticed that many other websites include a blog section on their website. From small businesses to large companies, everyone seems to blogging, so you might be asking yourself, ‘should I be blogging too?’. The short answer is: most definitely yes. But here’s why:

It works wonders for your SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is what makes your website perform well in Search Engines like Google, and one thing Search Engines really like is fresh content. When you create a new blog post, you’re creating a brand new page for a Search Engine to log, which lets it know that your website is up-to-date. Priority is given to websites where content is constantly being added and renewed.

You can also use your blog posts to reinforce important keywords related to your site’s content, improving your search ranking for particular words or phrases. It’s also important to share your blog post to social media, as you then create backlinks to your site, improving your SEO further.

It creates engagement

No, that doesn’t mean that it makes your viewers want to pop the question. Engagement is when people interact with your content, for example by liking, sharing, and commenting on it. This helps your viewers establish a good¬†rapport with you and your business, and increases your chances of turning viewers into customers.

It shows personality

In business it’s always good to come across as professional, but it’s also beneficial to show some personality or humour so that your potential customers can relate to you. Whilst your website will likely be very business-oriented and formal, your blog is a place where you can share more personal content, or share business news in an informal way. This kind of communication lets you connect with your readers, and they’ll be more likely to purchase goods or services if they know that you are more than just a business-focused robot.

It’s a way to advertise for free

With a blog, you can share news and updates on your company, for example a new product or service, in an informal way that resonates with your customers. A good tip is to share compelling information on your product/s in a blog post, making it subtly sales-based. A dog groomer might post ‘The Benefits of Regularly Grooming Your Dog”, highlighting how beneficial it is for the dog’s health and well-being. This relates to the dog groomer’s customers but also encourages sales.


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