NEW: Booking System for Higherwell Farm

Higherwell Farm Online Bookings Web Design Newquay

We’ve updated Higherwell Farm‘s website and introduced an Online Booking System so that visitors to the field can easily book online from a user-friendly interface.

Managing bookings from phone, email and Facebook in a small diary was becoming a stressful ordeal for Higherwell Farm’s owner, Tracey.  As well as managing her permanent weekly bookings and new bookings, Tracey was having problems with last minute cancellations.

We found the perfect appointment booking software for Tracey to use, and configured the initial setup with her business details, opening hours, services, prices etc. We then provided Tracey with training on how the software works, and helped her log her permanent and current bookings.

We set up the software to accept upfront payments, minimising the amount of last-minute cancellations and making payment easier for everyone.

The software has been up and running for a few days and is already being used and receiving excellent feedback from Higherwell Farm’s customers:

“Love the new booking system. Simple and quick!” – M. Williams

“Very easy to use.” – S. Kerrison

Now Tracey can direct all customers to her website to book the dog walking field, and she can spend more time enjoying the farm and less time glued to her phone and appointment diary.

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